Anonymous travellers

For all the wonderful anonymous travellers, trudging this happy path. I am grateful for your company

Anonymous Traveller, I thank you,
Even though you are not your name,
I wanted to acknowledge your presence
Your help in my life again.

Anonymous Traveller, I love you,
You accept me with all my flaws,
I wanted to tell you you’re valued
For your help in opening doors.

Anonymous Traveller I admire you,
For your principles and belief,
I know that your life is not easy
At times I have shared your grief.

Anonymous Traveller, I know you,
The you that is not your name,
I wanted to meet in the spirit
With you, who is not your name

My inner children

Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul. For this child, nothing is impossible

Paul Coelho

Child of Light lit the candles

For my children to bring,

To the Place of all Healing

Where they sat in a ring

Wounded Child sat there feeling

And telling her pain,

In the safe space created

Again and again

Her task was not easy

She hid far away,

But Light Child’s true spirit

Guided her all the way

Wounded Child, she’s a hero

She deserves so much love,

And there’s love now to give her

From me and Above!

She feels safe now

She’s speaking, and tells me what’s wrong,

And I hold her, and love her

Like I should all along