Inspired by Akala, I wrote a new rhyme

The power is within me
The power is mine
The power is in me
It's there to be mined
The power is within me
Not the power of the mind
The power of the feminine
A force of a kind
Not the kind that recommends filial piety
More akin to a female deity
It's not like a film script
Where it all falls into place
It daunts and it challenges
It gets in your face
It's the power that is needed
The power that is felt
It's a power to be heeded
To heal and to feel.
It's a force and a power
and it is real
It's angry
It's forceful
It knows what it wants
I won't use it to hurt you
But to heal you
and grow you
and show you,
to know you
Its my power
I know it
My yin for your yang
It's your power that dominates all over the land
I won't use mine to hurt you
But to righten a wrong
Not to whiten, but brighten
and shine the light on
The crimes of the past that still go on.
There's a fire in my belly
Not a fire in the booth
Akala said it,
And I sought out the truth